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Where to Find Trees
Nursery trees in California must come from quarantine states such as California and Arizona.  Currently the following California nurseries are actively growing pecan trees:

Linwood Nursery
23979 Lake Rd.
La Grange, CA 95329

Tel: 800.350.4414
Tel: 209.874.3088
Fax: 209.874.2381
E-Mail: info@linwoodnursery.com

Where to Find Supplies

Durham Pump, Durham
2313 Durham Dayton Hwy
Durham, CA 95938 
Phone: (530) 891-4821
Pacific Distributing/Orchardrite
1702 Englewood Ave
Yakima, WA 98902 
Phone: (509) 248-8785 
531 Country Dr. 
Chico, CA 95928 
Phone: (530) 891-6214

Farm Chemicals

Wilbur Ellis/John Taylor Fertilizer
8168 County Road 33
Glenn, CA 95943 
Phone: (530) 934-7727


Bayer Crop Sciences

If you sell products that benefit California's pecan growers and would like to be listed on this page please let us know.
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